About us

FIBULA is an Interdisciplinary Research Team investigating the history of the romance manuscripts from the Staatsbibliothek in Berlin kept at the Jagiellonian Library. The research concentrates on mediaeval and early modern (13th-19th centuries) manuscripts in French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Catalan (over 450 manuscripts in total).
Members of the team:

  • Project manager: dr hab. Piotr Tylus - piotrtylus (at) wp.pl
  • dr Magdalena Bartkowiak-Lerch
  • dr Natalia Czopek - morenat (at) gmail.com
  • dr Marzena Chrobak - marzena.chrobak (at) uj.edu.pl
  • Grzegorz Duliński - g.dulinski (at) o2.pl
  • dr Monika Jaglarz (Jagiellonian Library)
  • dr Krzysztof Kotuła - christophe.kotula (at) gmail.com
  • dr hab. Jadwiga Miszalska, prof. UJ - jadwiga.miszalska (at) uj.edu.pl
  • dr Lucyna Nowak (Jagiellonian Library)
  • dr Anna Rzepka - annarzep (at) yahoo.com
  • dr Roman Sosnowski - roman.sosnowski (at) uj.edu.pl

With collaboration of:

  • Sylwia Gruszka
  • dr Iwona Piechnik
  • dr Dorota Pudo
  • Lorenzo de Santis
  • Dorota Sieroń