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International Conference

Japanese Civilization: Tokens and Manifestations

14-17 November 2013, Krakow

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Welcome to the Department of Japanology and Sinology

The Department of Japanology and Sinology was launched in 1987, making the Jagiellonian University the third academic institution in Poland to offer a program in Japanese studies. Originally established as the Department of Japanology with lectures in Japanese language and literature, it has extended its fields of courses to Japanese history and culture. The Department offers an intensive course in Japanese language. Each year our students successfully apply for language scholarships in Japan. The Department offers also courses in Chinese language.

The present Head of the Department is Professor Romuald Huszcza.

Our research members conduct studies in various fields of Japanese studies, including the following topics:

Linguistic Research

Modern Japanese Phraseology
Polysystemism and Co-Systemism of East Asian Languages
Japanese Dialectology (including the Ryukyu Archipelago)
Sociolinguistic Aspects of Japanese Language
Japanese-Language Teaching in the Polish Linguistic Environment
Japanese Graphemics
Old Japanese and its Altaic Relationship
Polish-Japanese Contrastive Grammar

Literary Research:

Forms in Japanese Literature
Japanese-Polish Translation with its Literary and Cultural Aspects
Japanese Woman Writers
Genres of Old Japnese Literature (Haiku, Nikki, Zuihitsu etc.)
Modern Japanese Literature
Modern Chinese Prose
Sino-Japanese Literary Contacts

Social Studies:

Japanese religions
Japanese culture
Okinawan history and culture
Japanese minorities