This is not an image of the Big Bang. This is what happens if you compare the occurrence of very frequent words in 10000 texts. In this picture, the colors from green through yellow and orange to purple show the classical novels of the 17th to 20th centuries; the white explosion is that of popular literature of late 20th and of the 21st.

This Prezi presentation says a little more.


In my previous lifetime I translated literature from English to Polish; I still do that when the right book comes along (see left). As a result, ca. thirty novels in Polish pretend that they've been written by John le Carré (my chief victim: 9 novels), Francis Scott Fitzgerald, Nadine Gordimer, William Golding or Kazuo Ishiguro. Reality check: I don't remember any of those people writing a single  sentence in Polish.

So whose books are they now?



I teach courses in Translation, Translation Studies (two different things) and, of course, Stylometry (or Computational Stylistics) at the Institute of English Studies, Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland's oldest (founded 1364) and probably most illustrious university. In the past, I have also taught at Kraków's Pedagogical University and Houston's Rice University.